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Undisputed x Chelles Battle Pro 2014
Azone vs Chey. Winner: Chey

First round of the 1on1 B-Boy Battle Chelles Battle Pro 2014 x Undisputed. Chelles has kicked off the first World B-Boy Series.

Judging System:
– The jury pronounces their judgement after each round.
– The judgement will be seen widely on a screen.

Undisputed x Chelles Battle Pro 2014

All elements of Hip Hop are built on competitiveness and none more so than Breaking aka B-Boying. The Cypher was and will always be the original forum for this competitiveness and each dancer’s expression and creativity. Over the years B-Boying has grown into an international scene. The art of Breaking is practiced across every corner of the globe and attracts people who come to witness competition on an epic scale. A number of now iconic events were able to answer the demand, accommodating thousands of spectators and creating their own champions.

In 2008 R16 Korea, one of the world’s leading B-Boy events took the initiative to organise “industry” meetings with promoters, dancers, dj’s and judges from the B-Boy community. Throughout the years many more meetings all over the world followed. One of the main topics returning on the agenda was “How to connect the world’s premier B-Boy events and improve cooperation and communication”.

Now eight world renowned B-Boy events advised by a group of dedicated dancers, dj’s and judges have found a way to align some of the oldest and most respected B-Boy competitions without changing or losing the event’s identities. The World B-Boy Series is a combined effort of eight different events, which for many years all have produced their own accredited world champion. From now on at the end of each year the 8 solo B-Boy champions of these events will meet in a new masters event called “Undisputed” and battle to establish who is the supreme champion, who is “Undisputed”.